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Type of problems we solve

  • Virus Infection
  • Out of date technology
  • Internet not working
  • Our website is down
  • My hard drive crashed
  • IT Meltdown'
  • Constant crashes
  • Our data is not backed-up
  • Poor service
  • We were hacked
  • Email not working
  • Lack of knowledge
  • Our system is not coping
  • Operatiing systems not licensed
  • Microsoft office not activated

Our Solutions

_Windows 7,8, 10 OS
-Windows Server 2008,2012,2016 OS
-Activation Licenses
-Microsoft Office 2010,2013, 2016 + Licenses
-Visual studio + Licenses
-Microsoft Project + License
-and many more
-Documents backup
-Self back up
-Remote backup
-Data recovery
-Data protection
-Cloud backup
-Automated backup
-Virus Detection
-Virus removal
-Antivirus setup
-Virus recovery
-Spam blockage
-Safe browsing
-Screen repairs
-Keyboard replacements
-Hard drive replacements and upgrade
-Computer parts replacements
-Cloud setup
-Cloud migration
-Cloud training
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