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Video conferencing

Conferencing Services create opportunities – for your users, and your organisation.

Our Conferencing Services help you to:

  • reduce travel costs with a need for less face-to-face meetings
  • support flexible working for employees-increase user productivity and enhance their ability to collaborate
  • online, as well as to view, discuss, and update documents in real-time -predict budgets and optimise cost savings with flexible licensing models and consumption-based pricing
  • focus on business, not on technology: scale conferencing capabilities on demand with access to the latest features, and reduce complexity with future upgrades delivered quickly and automatically

Our Conferencing Services cover all your needs, and let your users match the appropriate tool for the task:

  • Web Conferencing: simplified online conferencing and content sharing for every user, on any device, whether in the office, home office, or roaming. Powered by Cisco WebEx.
  • Videoconferencing: lifelike video experiences in high-definition quality across any device for the experience of a real face-to-face meeting that’s great for building and maintaining relationships. Powered by Cisco Collaboration Meeting Rooms.
  • Audio Conferencing: on-demand hybrid audio conferencing globally with crystal clear audio available anytime, anywhere and on any device for impromptu or scheduled meetings. Powered by Arkadin
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Digital signage
  • Dynamic digital signage
  • Wayfinding & directional signage systems
  • Queue management solutions
  • Projection technology
  • Indoor & outdoor LCD solutions
  • Indoor & outdoor LED solutions
  • Entry level to top-end media players
  • Content development, distribution and management
  • On-site system installations
  • Quality after-sales service and service-level agreements
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Audio and Video streaming

Have your own private web stream, themed to your brand

Television broadcasting combined with web streaming also allows you to be in touch with your team, anywhere in the world, at any time, making this a cost effective solution for corporate communication and training.

Our web streaming solution is fully compatible with mobile devices, including iPads/iPhones and Android devices. We do not use Flash as this format is no longer widely accepted or accessible, as a result all our video players are HTML5 enabled for maximum compatibility; giving you peace of mind knowing your webstream is not alienating potential viewers allowing you to engage with more people, quicker, and easier.

Also included in our web streaming solution is the ability to have powerpoints displayed during the stream, syncing to key points when the speaker changes the slide. Viewers can toggle between watching the speaker or looking at the powerpoint slide. This feature is for both Live and on demand webstreams. No longer will you have viewers complaining about eneligible slides, as all the slides are presented in full resolution.

Other features include: Password protection, payment gateways, registration/login access, location based locking, a complete analytics report, chat box options, and more.

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